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Opportunities and threats in the labour migration

Sep 04, 2020

Business Africa was on 9th July 2020 part of discussants reviewing emerging labour migration governance issues by the Labour Migration Advisory Committee. In the virtual conference organized by the African Union, Business Africa presented a worker’s perspective on the trends of labour migration on Africa post Covid -19.

Business Africa agrees with the fact that the movement of people and good is the bedrock of economic, social and cultural development in Africa. Thus, the threat posed by Covid -19 especially the closure of cross border trading, inter-regional movement is a threat to the prosperity of the continent.

While making a presentation on behalf of the Secretary-General Business Africa, Mr. Stephen Obiro, Head of Advocacy. Communication and Partnership at the Federation of Kenya Employers noted challenges informal opportunities which were shrinking due to conflicts of competition for the little space for work available, culture and traditions clashes. He decried the low self-standards for Africa as well as low self valuation of the worthiness of Africans by Africa making it difficult to meet the challenges.


On the flip side, Mr. Obiro observed that the structural transformation of Africa’s economy to deconflict competition and doing away with the mindset that Africans are taking over opportunities for migrants was a big opportunity for the continent.

As part of the strategies, he proposed a mindset shift on labour migration as a way of people looking at opportunities to be productive to improve the economies. Business Africa also called for Unity as a strength in solving the emerging challenges in the continent. Possible review and attachment of social protection schemes to take payment for member states to ensure in such situation taxpayers are supported.

Ultimately, he emphasized the need for employers to strengthen social dialogue across the continent.

Business Africa is the voice of employers at the continental level. It advocates for policies and actions that lead to a conducive business environment that both protects the welfare of workers, supports growth, profitability and sustainability of businesses and accelerates the development of Africa.


Author :Business Africa Webmaster