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Empowering women to lead economic and social recovery

Nov 30, 2021
Posted by: Wendy Graedler
Category: Diversity, Parity, Women

The inaugural International Organization of Employers (IOE) Policy Working Group on Gender and Diversity sought ways to increase and promote women in leadership position as a means for a faster economic rebound and social recovery.
The discussions centred on women leaders as key players for economic prosperity. All participants agreed that all players i.e. government, employers, employees and need to work together to move from conscious bias to conscious inclusion.
Anne Vauchez, the chair the IOE Policy Working group on Gender and Diversity, opines that harnessing gender equality must be in all policy makers minds although this is yet to be achieved. “Women in top management are underrepresented, facing many challenges in the recent world. Promoting women in leadership positions appears to be top of the mind” said Ms. Vauchez.

In view of the challenges exacerbated by Covid-19, Mrs. Jacqueline Mugo the IOE Vice Chairperson had the following proposals towards creating inclusive cultures in companies;

  1. Developing targeted policies and programs for inclusive recruitment. Investing in women's human capital will allow them to break free of traditional roles.
  2. Companies to consider developing programs that help work on issues of self-esteem and confidence in relation to leadership
  3. Role Modelling: Current women leaders need to consciously become role models for younger women through mentorship and coaching
  4. Creating a positive, inclusive and supportive environment e.g. Creche, breast feeding units/ lactation stations, flexible work arrangements, work from home e.t.c
  5. Push campaigns that advocate for gender equality & inclusion at the workplace in order to change attitudes.
Through practical and effective guidance on how to harness women’s talents as well as to encourage gender equality and diversity, the IOE Policy Working Group will continue addressing and discussing those key topics to find common and sustainable solutions that benefit all.


Author :Wendy Graedler