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Business Africa Employers' Confederation had its Annual General Assembly after a two-year break due to the restrictive measures ushered in by the Covid-19 Pandemic. It took place along the sidelines of the International Labour Conference in Geneva on the 8th of June 2022.

The President, Ms. Saida Neghza and the Secretary-General, Ms. Jacqueline Mugo addressed the members on activities of the confederation over the past two years while also giving an economic outlook on Africa. Ms. Mugo stated that Africa has been rather resilient and will overcome.

The following were key issues that arose from the assembly:

  1. Delay of subscription payment fees - it was noted that members have delayed in paying subscription fees while others not paying at all. Members were encouraged to be prompt with paying their subscription fees to aid in the activities of the confederation.
  2. BUSINESSAfrica 2022 workplan - the confederation is working on three separate projects that require the utmost support of its members. These projects are studies that are being conducted to grow BUSINESSAfrica to greater heights. Members were requested to be cooperative when approached by the consultants working on these projects.
  3. The Executive Council elections will be held next year, as the council was inactive during the pandemic period.
" A food-shortage crisis is here with us. Africa has unique resources that are critical for the future. With the right policies, right institutions and right politicians; investors will be more than willing to come onboard the African vision," stated Mr. Roberto Suarez from the International organization of Employers(IOE), who was an invited guest at the assembly.

We believe there is much that BUSINESSAfrica can tap into and therefore urge our members to support us in all possible ways. Be it prompt payment, or being our ambassadors wherever they go or pushing for BUSINESSAfrica agendas to be realized. Together we can achieve our vision, " To be the effective voice of business in Africa". - Secretariat


Author :Daisy Gakii